This is Holly Hunter playing me in Broadcast News

This is Holly Hunter playing me in Broadcast News

When I was six years old, I decided I wanted to be a reporter. When I was seven, I had my birthday party at the CBC studios in my hometown of Halifax. And when I was eight, I wrote to the CBC and asked if I could have a job. The letter HR sent back, thanking me for my interest and asking her to wait ten years, is still in my mom’s basement. I waited exactly ten years, and then, in the tallest turret of Ottawa's Chateau Laurier studios, I got my start as the traffic reporter.

Over almost two decades at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, I’ve been lucky to work all the beats: local news, arts, religion, technology, current affairs, classical music, comedy, sports and documentary.

Currently, I’m the creator and senior producer of CBC Radio’s news quiz, Because News. Every week, host Gavin Crawford quizzes comedians and celebrities about the news. The show reaches 1.2 million Canadians each week.


Brent Bambury, Gavin Crawford, Mary Hynes, Nora Young, Johnny Hockin, Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Meghan Williams, David Carroll, Philip Leung, Bernie Lucht, Eric Peterson, Shawn Micallef, Tom Howell.